Friday, June 15, 2012

La Madeleine

Lamppost along the Place de la Madeleine, Paris. Photo taken in October 2010.

Today I ordered the boychild a small Pacsafe crossbody bag so he can carry a few things (like his camera) himself on the trip. Also ordered an RFID-shielded wallet, big enough to take the passports and credit cards. These days the pickpockets don't actually need to pick your pocket to get your details - a relatively inexpensive reader held in the vicinity of a passport, credit card or other ID with a radio-frequency identification chip embedded can read your information (credit card number, name, and other details) through your standard wallet/bag/pocket without even touching you. I withdraw cash from an ATM once every few days while we're away, so the rest of the time the cards and passports can be safely tucked away. Funnily enough, Miss Tizz's class at school had a visit from Constable Kenny Koala yesterday, and this was one of the topics mentioned. There is a DIY solution which involves wrapping your cards in aluminium foil - it doesn't completely shield them, but it means the reader has to be a lot closer (within an inch or so - not impossible in crowded areas).

Next I'll book our Paris to Venice train tickets, and then make some decisions about museum passes and other things we might like to book in advance.

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