Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dear Diary, today I went for a walk ...

Just a short walk - 16km from home, down the hill, round the lake, and back up the hill to home. According to my Polar heart rate monitor (which I purchased when I started the 12WBT program, and which provides great motivation to keep going) I burnt 1531 calories. It took 3hr 20min of actual walking, with a break in the middle for a breakfast of poached eggs, spinach and one (just one!) slice of bacon, plus a much-needed espresso after an early start - the sun was still coming up when we started.

Many many thanks to my friend Sam who could easily power away much faster than me, but who walked with and encouraged me the whole way (especially that last painful bit uphill!).

In other news - I have booked two tickets for Europe in September! The X-man and I are jetting off to Paris, Venice and Rome for about 5.5 weeks. Yesterday was the point where I'd had enough of tracking fares, and just decided to book it and stop looking. Now there's just apartments, trains between Paris and Venice, and Venice and Rome, and a little matter of a passport for the boychild to sort out. Lots of fun over the next few months :)


  1. Oh, boy, I'm so happy for you, spending 5.5 weeks in Europe, especially Venice, of course!! That's not too far away now. What is the 12WBT program, by the way??

  2. 12WBT is Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation program - a weightloss and fitness program. It's all very sensible and it works! I'm down about 15kg from mid-February, and have signed up for Round 2 (which starts in about 2 weeks). Will make all those bridges in Venice a piece of cake (ha! not that there's too much cake on the program!).

    I realised today that it's my birthday in exactly 4 months, and I'll be celebrating in Venice! So excited!