Thursday, August 18, 2011

July reading

The Eyre Affair [Jasper Fforde] - borrowed from the public library. More fabulousness from the twisty passages of Jasper Fforde's mind.
First Among Sequels [Jasper Fforde] - borrowed from the public library. As above :)
When in Rome [Ngaio Marsh] - passed on by a friend. A murder mystery set in Rome in the 1960s.
The World's Greatest Trials [Tim Healey] - from a fete bookstall.
The Terrace Times Minimum Effort Maximum Effect Cookbook: The Rocks Edition [Helen Arbib, Pauline Clements] - passed on by aunts-in-law. Anything with 'Minimum effort Maximum effect' in the title will get my attention! This is the second of the Terrace Times cookbooks, published in 1976, and it's full of old-fashioned recipes, delightful pen and ink sketches of the Rocks area of Sydney, and snippets of local history. I think my favourite line is in the introduction: "... we feel there are enough problems in the world without having to suffer in the kitchen as well ..."

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