Sunday, July 25, 2010

artesia train: booked!

I've just booked a double sleeper on the Artesia overnight train Paris-Rome! Feeling very pleased with myself, because I managed to negotiate the first part of the booking in French, thereby avoiding being transferred to the Rail Europe Australian site (which I couldn't convince to give me compartment options - just first or second class, and first class was only available as a four person compartment - we definitely wanted a double sleeper, just for us). My other Australian option was through Railplus, but it would have cost about $A150 more!

In case it helps anyone else, I went to the Artesia site, switched to French, selected the option (on the left, under Réservez) and put in the rest of the trip details (fairly easy to figure out the form, even for a French novice like me). That transferred me to (still in French at this point), where I needed to add more details, and I selected 'Australie' in the country list at the bottom. I was then redirected to - in English! From there I just followed the prompts, and even had an option for free postage of the tickets to Australia, so I don't have to muck around with retrieving the tickets from a machine in Paris.

You may be able to shortcut this by going straight to the TGV Europe site, but this way worked for me, and I saved nearly $150!

Artesia Palatino - day

Artesia Palatino - night

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