Sunday, August 12, 2012

Travel books - part 2: Paris

I need to do more planning and less talking about it, now we're down to nearly three weeks until departure. So I'm just going to list some of the books I've read in preparation for this trip, and maybe they'll inspire someone else. It's by no means a comprehensive list, but just the books I've bought and referred to most often this time (and I may come back and add more if I think of them):

Frommer's Paris: Free & Dirt Cheap
France: Instructions for Use [Alison Culliford & Nan McElroy]
City Walks Paris: 50 Adventures on Foot [cards]
Paris to the Past: Traveling through French history by train [Ina Caro]
Parisians: An adventure history of Paris [Graham Robb]
The Sun King's Garden [Ian Thompson]
Walks through lost Paris [Leonard Pitt]
Eyewitness Travel: Paris
Everyman Mapguide: Paris

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