Thursday, November 25, 2010

One image: Last night in Rome

This photo was taken on Thursday, 4 November 2010 - our last night in Rome.

We'd had a long day, walking from the apartment to the Pantheon (via Piazza Mattei and Largo di Torre Argentina), then up to Piazza del Popolo (via Monte Citorio and the Piazza Colonna), back to Piazza di Spagna, then Fontana di Trevi and home again.

This was about 7pm, and taken leaning out our 2nd floor kitchen window. We're on Via Dei Delfini - the street of the Dolphins. The first street on the left is Via Dei Polacchi, and Piazza Margana is on the right, just around the ivy-covered corner past the street light. And just around the corner is 'our' restaurant - La Taverna degli Amici. We headed over there for dinner (for the third time in two weeks) about half an hour later.

The car driving away is on Via Margana, heading towards Via d'Aracoeli. If it turns right at the end of the street, the Campidoglio, on the Capitoline Hill, will be straight ahead.

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