Tuesday, July 6, 2010

passport news, sharks and fairies

I received an email on the weekend to say my passport has been approved and is on its way. With a bit of luck I might even have it in my hands tomorrow. Happy :)

In other news: we are expecting a visit from the tooth fairy momentarily. The boychild has what we fondly refer to as 'shark teeth'. The new ones come through well in advance of the baby teeth loosening, so for a few weeks he has double teeth. In fact, his baby teeth don't seem to want to let go at all. Fortunately he is a brave boy, and will quite happily ask the husband to pull the old tooth out, even though it's still quite attached. I am NOT brave about such things, and hide well away from such bloody action. Makes me queasy even now, several hours after the event.

So the tooth fairy has been notified on the parent hotline, and the tooth is awaiting collection so it can become part of the great white palace. And my baby is just that little bit older.

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