Wednesday, July 14, 2010

kids europe

On my travels through the internet in search of relevant and interesting information for The Trip, I came across a children's journal. In fact, two children's journals, one for the UK and one for Italy.

Published under the general name of Kids Europe, both journals are full of information and activities to make travel more interesting for the younger members of the party.

The books are available from the US in hard copy, or as ebooks via email ($US6.99 each - the option I took), payable through Paypal.

The ebooks are set up as PDF files, so you need Adobe Reader (available free from the Adobe site) to open them, and there are clear instructions on how to print and assemble them. The ebooks give us the option of leaving out pages that aren't relevant (for example, on this trip we aren't going to Scotland or Wales, so we'll leave out those sections from the Great Britain book).

I'm going to print them and take them to Officeworks to cut and bind - not terribly expensive, and they should stay together better than putting them in a folder.

Miss Tizz and I have had a quick flick through the books on screen, and there were a number of times she asked me to stop and go back, so I think we're on to a winner! There are a few word searches and crosswords, and Italian card game instructions that should be good for train trips, and lots of ideas to make visits to churches and museums more interesting for her, so I get a chance to see the artwork and architecture!

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