Monday, June 28, 2010

who am i?

It appears I have two names. The one I use, which consists of the first, middle & surname I was born with (but with that surname used as a second middle name) plus my married surname. It's what I've been using for the past decade for official forms.

Apparently, though, I am not that person. That second middle name (my birth surname) is not official. And it's caused a wee glitch with my passport application.

I need to get an official change of name certificate. That will be $129, thank you, for the records to be changed plus a certificate issued, if I get it done by Thursday, after which the fee goes up to $140. And I need several forms of identification, and three bills, between 3 and 6 months old, in my name (or at least joint names) and sent to this address to prove I am a resident of the ACT. Of course, for some unknown reason, most of our bills seem to be in the husband's name.

The change of name form is available online, but I need to go in to the Office of Regulatory Services to submit all the paperwork, or track down a JP to witness and sign copies of everything so I can post it in. I think going in person with the original documents is the easier option this time around.

I rang and spoke to a lovely person in the ORS about all this, and mentioned that while Miss Tizz's birth certificate has my full name (with all four parts), the X-man's certificate only has the shorter three-part name (first name, middle name, married surname), but she said their records have it with my full name, and she can issue a corrected birth certificate for him so everything is consistent.

I'm hoping this doesn't cause any glitches with a friend's passport, for which I am guarantor (using the four-part name). We filled in the electoral roll part of the form in the guarantor section, and my electoral enrolment card has my full four-part name (I checked!), so hopefully it won't be an issue, but I'm dealing with it as fast as I can just in case!

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